Philosophy J. TÊTE

Our philosophy has always been to grow our vines in a sustainable way.
A family work from the vine to the bottle.

Vineyard work during the year


Pruning is done in winter and allows the vine to favour fruit growth.


The cropping of the leaves growing high up allows the aeration of the bunches and the appropriate ripening of the grapes.


It takes place at the end of August, beginning of September and is done manually to preserve the fruit.

Vinification and cellar ageing

Our wines are vinified in a traditional way with modern techniques to obtain full flavoured and fruity wines, typical of Beaujolais.
We vinify in a semi-carbonic way, without sulphite, to preserve the maximum of fruit and finesse.
Our wines are aged in vats on fine lees.
Depending on the year, we age part of our Moulin-à-Vent in oak barrels.

Conversion to organic farming

Most of our vineyards are no longer weeded to promote biodiversity on our plots...

We use mechanical weeding with an interceptor, eliminating the use of pesticides and thus protecting the soil and groundwater table from pollution.

This soil ploughing with rakes enhances the structure of the soil by aerating and fertilising it in a natural way, encouraging the microbial life of the land.

Moreover, this shallow tilling improves water penetration while taking care not to damage the vines.

We are committed to preserving nature and what it brings us.