Crémant de Bourgogne

Manual harvesting in the morning.



Parfums de fleurs blanches et de fruits frais

Mouth feel

Se révèle dense, souple et soyeuse. Des senteurs d’agrumes, et de noisette avec une finale légère et douce

Food and wine pairing

As an aperitif, with a dessert

PDO wine:

Crémant de Bourgogne



Grape variety:



Granitic soil


The effervescence results from the addition of the tirage liqueur (wine from the cuvée + sugars + yeast) during the bottling process. As a result, a second alcoholic fermentation takes place, releasing the carbon dioxide responsible for the bubbles. The bottles are then placed on desks, tilted downwards. A regular and typical manual or mechanical gesture is carried out: the bottles are regularly turned to ensure that the fermentation deposit is deposited in the neck of the bottle. The final stage, corking, takes place after disgorging (elimination of deposits and impurities) and the addition of a expedition liqueur.


1 year

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